Stuff translated from European media [Fizdale interview added]

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Stuff translated from European media [Fizdale interview added]

Postby Ari_Ingus » November 15, 2017, 11:18 am


In this thread I will try to post interesting interviews from other non-english media. So I dont make a seperate thread one each time.

Please note i`m not professional translator, I just do it for the community but there could be some mistakes due to language specifications.

This one is with Willy Hernangomez

"Team is doing good, we are winning, our balance is over 50% which is important. About my individual performance, I did not expect that I will play so less. I keep working, do anything whats in my power to make sure I play. I`m trying to use the oporotunities which I get"

"After last season, when I was included in symbolic team of rookies, i did not expect such start of the season. We have many centers in team, Kanter joined....I hope that when Noah will be back in rotation, everything will be clearer. We will see if there will be some changes in team. Team management is asking me to keep being calm, they trust me and I will have game time. But I want to play now, not after some time"

Willy did not give a clear answer about rotation to other team: "I dont think about that right now. President and general manager have told me, that they trust in me and im part of the future, I have to be patient. I hope these words will pay off. I`m very patient, I work hard and I train with positive attitude. I have to be ready to play. I feel very comfortable in New York - it`s the best city where I can play together with my friend Kristaps [Porzingis]"

Willy is commenting about KP`s performance: "He is showing right now what he was doing during summer. He have sacrificed so much time and have trained for hours. He is much more versatile, stronger, more athletic player who can go into physical contact with other player. With no doubt he is in All Star level player".

There was questions about Luka Dončić and the world cup qualification format but not sure if its interesting for you guys. Got to run as well

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Re: Stuff translated from European media

Postby Ari_Ingus » July 31, 2018, 6:55 am

Hello guys,

This is translation from Latvian media SportsCenter, it`s an interview with Fizdale. Maybe it`s interesting reading for some of you.

P.S. sorry for any typos, I made it in a rush as it`s busy day at work.

"Of course, we also talked a lot about his family and Liepaja (KPs home town) but as well about
his rehab process, told my vision about Knicks further development, about game style. We
talked about how Kristaps can take bigger leadership role. We will have a young team where
Kristaps will be like a veteran already. We talked about ways how i see him naturaly
become a team leader. Of course I also told how I see him raise his game to next level and
how we are going to do it together. We went to eat together, we were in the gym. Tonight I will go
to the beach where Kristaps will run for the first time during the rehab process (interview was
done on Thursday). The meetings were great, I have concrete and good impression about his home."

Fizdale also told that during conversations they have touched the events from past, but it was not
even close to being the main topic for the conversations. "Yes, we also touched a little bit of
that, but i`m sure that part of Kristaps is already ready to move forward. Everything what have happened
till now he have left in the past. Team have changed by a lot, we have a lot of new personalities.
Mentally, especially after the injury, he is ready to reach for the new goals, which waits for us
in future." This meeting was more like a two men spending time together, talking about basketball
and getting to know each other. I think Kristaps is impressed with the direction we are going
with the team."

Fizdale admited, that "Knicks" visit to the teams biggest star have not made any clarification
about the possible return time: "No, no, nothing is clear. We talked that the most important
is to return at that point of feeling when he feels good, comfortable and strong. When he will feel
like that then it will be the right time to return to the field. I think that one of the most hardest
tasks will be to stop Kristaps to rushing back in court, he will for sure want to return as
soon as possible. We must do everything correctly to avoid any risks". Fizdale admited that
no matter how much he would like that - there is no chance of seeing Porzingis return on court
in the first half of the season which is completely unrealistic.

Fizdale is aware what will be the status of "Knicks" in the first season as manager, but he was
also able to name the positive things which can be achieved while Kristaps have not returned to
the court. "I think everyone expects that we will receive multiple blows this season,
because we are a young team and Kristaps is injured. Maybe not always we can assure that the
ball drops thru the net, but for sure we can develope a strong defense. I want that we play a lot of
transition basketball, play fast, but the only way to assure it is to play well on defense. While
in offense, if there is anything I can gain while Kristaps is not palying, then its to prepare
rest of the guys for the moment when Kristaps returns. So that Kristaps can return in a team,
which already know how to move without the ball, how to expand the court, what is bad
and what is good throw - all the things which a new team must learn."

"I want to take "Knicks" to the champion title, that is my first un main target - to win the title
in New York. Each morning I wake up with such thought". His long term goals reveals Fizdale. "Each
day we keep working to achieve this target. Thats why there was such trip to Latvia, to build
relationships with the players - to make it something bigger than just player - manager relationships.

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Re: Stuff translated from European media [Fizdale interview added]

Postby NewlyKnicked » July 31, 2018, 9:33 am

Thanks Ari :clap:

Good stuff in there. Love that Fiz is expecting to force KP to wait until 100% before coming back, that they also discussed the past (no taboo, we need to learn from past mistakes not bury them in the ground), and that he is looking into preparing the team for his return starting with defense.

That he thinks about the title every morning although his wife is sleeping next to him, also says a lot about his dedication :LOL:
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