Shumpert Deal Part 3

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Shumpert Deal Part 3

Postby knicksfan4life » December 4, 2013, 12:29 pm

How about this? All these guys rumored to be dealt anyway.

NY Gets:
G. Wallace
O. Asik

A. Stoudemire

Wallace contract sucks but Amare gets shipped out, add some size. Chandler's fragility leaves tons of minutes for Asik.

Houston Gets:


Reasoning: Gets good value for Asik, Varejeo more suited for a 20 mpg bench role to stay healthy. Shumpert immediately becomes a big part of their rotation.

Boston gets:
Dion Waiters

G. Wallace
K. Humphries
C. Lee

Reasoning: Takes the Amare deal but sends out the Wallace deal, making cap relief a year sooner. Acquires talented scorer in Waiters and gives him an opportunity to see what he can do.

Cleveland trades:
Dion Waiters

Cleveland gets:
Humphries (expiring)
Courtney Lee

Cuts a year off Varejeo salary by getting Humphries, Varejeo always hurt anyway. Sends out Waiters, Courtney Lee would be a solid rotation guy for them. I guess Cleveland needs a pick here to make it happen though. I'd think Houston owes them one on that huge return for Asik.
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Re: Shumpert Deal Part 3

Postby Nononsense » December 4, 2013, 3:53 pm

This actually sounds legit from a gm perspective. The only problem is that Asik will inevitable be unhappy because he wants to start and play significant minutes. I just don't see how he and Tyson can co-exist on the floor for extended minutes. McHale's twin tower experiment with Howard/Asik was a failure. That's why Asik is unhappy now and ultimately why Houston is considering trading him. Interesting idea though.
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Re: Shumpert Deal Part 3

Postby spree#8 » December 9, 2013, 4:51 am

I would try to do a deal like this: ... de/6373237

We offer New Orleans Bargnani and Shump for Evans and Jason Smith, so they can trade Anderson for Asik. For facilitating the trade for Houston's dream PF, we ask the Rockets for Motiejunas. These are the base pieces, but the trade is big enough that the scenario works with more or less low priced pieces thrown in. If going through like painted, we would waive Chris Smith in the process to create the needed roster spot.

Once we have have Evans and Smith, we can look to fill other needs by making JR and Felton available to be traded.

In the meantime,

C Chandler - Martin - Aldrich
PF J. Smith - Stoudemire - Motiejunas
SF Anthony - Hardaway - World Peace
SG Evans - JR Smith - Murry
PG Felton - Prigioni - Udrih

doesn't look that bad. Motiejunas is a legit prospect at PF/C that can evolve into a good stretch four, MWP is also in place to get into the rotation at PF. This roster gives us the opportunity to go for either another bigman with the trade chip Smith or preferably a PG upgrade, because Hardaway can slide down to SG and MWP in at SF if JR Smith is traded later.
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