Knicks/Rockets deal that I'd do if we're going to lose Melo

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Knicks/Rockets deal that I'd do if we're going to lose Melo

Postby Nononsense » March 5, 2014, 12:45 pm

Okay, if Melo is leaving this summer, I'd seriously entertain a sign and trade with Houston:

Knicks trade Melo to the Rockets for Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, Omer Asik, and Jeremy Lin (stop smiling NYK Fan).

Rockets get to renege on the poison pills of both Asik and Lin. Plus, Asik is unahappy and Lin isn't exactly what they though he'd be. They got the good value years of their contracts and can now escape the poison year. Great deal for them. Plus, they get a guy by the name of Carmelo Anthony. You know... the most versatile and complete scorer in the game today. We'd be letting Houston off the hook with two poison pill contracts (very important for small market, penny pinching teams) while also forming the most potent big 3 in the league with Melo/Harden/Dwight!!! They could do this and possibly persuade Rondo to take a pay cut for an automatic championship! Rondo/Harden/Melo/Dwight could easily become a dynasty. Plenty of incentive for Houston to do this deal. Of course all of this probably hinges on Melo agreeing to a sign and trade. If he's truly leaving NY, he's only going to do it for a high percentage chance of winning a championship. He said he'd take a pay cut to contend for a title. Well, with a sign and trade, he doesn't even have to take a pay cut.. and still can contend for a title. A sign and trade with this deal in mind allows Melo to have his cake and eat it too! I think he'd have to seriously consider it. So basically, Lin and Asik probably aren't going to be in Rocket uniforms after their contracts expire next summer. So basically, from the Rockets' standpoint talent wise, they're giving up Parsons and Jones for Melo. They don't even give up draft picks to acquire the best big 3 in the league and a very legitimate chance to add Rondo next summer and form a potential dynasty.

If we're losing Melo, we'd do well by acquiring Chandler Parsons (a good scorer and shooter) and Terrence Jones (a high motor, scrappy defender and rebounder). Lin and Asik help out in the mean time as well. I'd even expect them to re-sign for reasonable deals as well next summer. So, we get valuable pieces in return for Melo rather than losing him for nothing, and we preserve our cap space in next summer when Tyson, Amare, et al come off the books. Find a way to rid ourselves of Felton and JR, and we'd go into 2015 free agency with only these cheap salaries on the books: THJ, Parsons, and Jones. Would love to bring back Asik, Lin, Shump, Tyler, and Murray at reasonable prices. We'd should have room to get Rubio and competent backup center as well.

Would love for Thibbs to part ways with the Bulls. Imagine what he could do with a roster like this:

PG - Ricky Rubio / Jeremy Lin
SG - Tim Hardaway Jr. / Tourre Murray
SF - Chandler Parsons / Iman Shumpert
PF - Terrance Jones / Jeremy Tyler
C - Omer Asik / Robin Lopez

Coach - Tom Thibbadeau
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Re: Knicks/Rockets deal that I'd do if we're going to lose Melo

Postby n8 the gr8 » April 17, 2014, 8:58 pm

If that Rockets team was in the finals against Miami I honestly don't know who I'd root for. If Melo leaves let him walk and take the cap space, let's not facilitate him and take on bad contracts for the sake of "getting something for him".

We have our own first rounder next year: if Melo walks I don't want one year rentals, if you're that high on Asik or Lin you can go get them for a better price in free agency in 2015.
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Re: Knicks/Rockets deal that I'd do if we're going to lose Melo

Postby cragganmor » May 25, 2014, 9:11 am

not so sure that asik would be a rental. while offensively limited, he's improved greatly since joining the rox, give him the ball down low and he will flush it, he also has a lot of value off the ball as a screener, is rated as the best in the league. of course, he is an excellent defender and rebounder. give him the minutes and he gets better each season.

i think the rox would need to keep jones as the starting pf in that lineup, but i'd want their #25 pick instead.

parsons is a really good young player but he's rfa next summer, the rox would be in a cap bind if they gave him a good contract, as they would have harden, dwight and melo, all with max deals. would they venture far into the lux tax?

lin might fit in with the triangle, but i think he needs to be a better defender and mid range shooter off the bounce, keep lowering his to's to be a truly strong fit. i'm certain that he'd work his butt off to stay in ny given a second chance; give him a season to show that he belongs.

the other likely competition for a melo trade is of course, chicago. they would send us boozer's expiring deal, probably dunleavy and at least the #16 and #19 pick. i'd want another future pick as well since we are not getting back anyone that is in our long-term plans. the rox deal gives 2, maybe 3 keepers, plus a draft pick this year.
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