What would give up to get Kevin Love now instead of as a FA?

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What would give up to get Kevin Love now instead of as a FA?

Postby washingtonparkjones » July 11, 2014, 8:50 pm

Absurd thread. You've been warned.

When a star player wants to be moved, they go one of two routes. Most sit back and allow the team to seek out trades with a back-up plan for a S&T over the summer. That allows the current team to leverage through competition and always results in the player going to a weaker team. The far smarter move is to demand a trade to a specific team. However, to actually force the trade it has to be a team that will be far enough under the cap to acquire the player in FA. It has to be a legitimate threat of losing the player for nothing. Love can effectively force a trade to any team that will be sufficiently under the cap to sign him outright and I think he's smart enough to do it. As far as teams under the cap that have attractive locations or rosters, I think the viable locations come down to the Cavs, Celts, Lakers, and us.

There's not much appealing about the Celtics this year, and they have Rondo going FA next summer and literally nobody on the roster except unproven young "potential." I don't see Love forcing a trade there, though he might accept one.

The Lakers have no assets to trade or reason to go there other than an aging KB. Love can't force the trade because losing the assets the Lakers could offer is not a big downside when weighing the risk associated with finding him an acceptable trade somewhere else.

Cleveland can technically get far enough under the cap but they would have to lose key pieces with Kyrie and Varejo becoming FAs that summer. Cleveland still has a motive to get something done now. They lose assets either way.

The only place where Love has the full leverage to threaten leaving for free to a team that is better off acquiring him that route is us. If he wants out of Minn. now, demanding NY gives him the most negotiating strength.

Assuming that Love just tells the Wolves that he's going to NY no matter what, what would you be willing to trade knowing we could get him as a FA without giving up assets?

The best we can offer IMO is Bargs, THJ, Shump, the new players we just acquired in the draft and as many picks as we are allowed to throw in. Would you give them our future (our youth and picks) to guaranty getting Love and make it happen sooner rather than later?
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Re: What would give up to get Kevin Love now instead of as a FA?

Postby H20Knick » July 11, 2014, 9:27 pm

I couldn't do Bargs, THJ, Early, Larkin, Shumpert, 2016 1st, and 2017 2nd... But i'd never assume any situation here Love would only have NY available. Too easy for a lot of these teams to get under the cap next summer. Love is still a cali guy and the lakers are still the lakers. They'll have max room next summer. Way too easy for cleveland to get under the cap, even if lebron gets 25 mil next summer.

We don't really have a deep enough roster to be giving up that many players, but we dont have enough assets to get it done without giivng them all up. The only two things on that list with real value are THJ and the 2016 1st.
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Re: What would give up to get Kevin Love now instead of as a FA?

Postby nazrmohamed » July 11, 2014, 9:46 pm

It would have to be for little cause cuz I'm not a fan of Love at all.
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